Tiger Tiger

Prowl through six uniquely themed party spaces in Tiger Tiger London.

Tiger Tiger London is the ultimate party venue; where you can dine, drink and dance all under one roof. Inside you’ll find the famous Tiger Bar, intimate Opal Bar, Vegas styled Luxe, funky Groovy Wonderland, and exclusive Cloud Lounge. The restaurant Haymarket Kitchen serves cuisine inspired from around the world and is a great starting point for the evening. As one of the biggest bars in Europe, you’ll soon understand why Tiger Tiger is the best choice on a night out!

The bar is bright, friendly and the perfect place to kick-off your evening, great for a relaxed lunchtime meeting or a meet and greet bar to set the scene for your evening celebrations. With delicious new menus,  a range of luscious cocktails and culinary delights, Tiger Tiger is the perfect place for lunch, dinner or casual drinks and nibbles with friends. Or if you’re looking for something a little livlier, whether it’s a birthday, engagement, hen night, leaving party or anniversary, you can be sure Tiger Tiger will have the perfect package to make it a celebration to remember! Be sure to book online for a guaranteed great night out.

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  1. jack

    Good place and Music, Annoying people.....

    Not Bad

    The place is good and in a good area. This being the only reason why me and friends go there. Apart from the music which is good most of the time and the Dj,everything else is okay. The drinks are not as good as other places I have been to, and I am quite sure I got served coke instead of what I ordered. Which is really dissapointing cus I am a bartender.I wouldn\’t never recommend this place to anyone especially girls. Simply because every time we go there, it\’s always full of thirsty guys and desperate people. This is really annoying because you can never dance or have a good time.Without feeling like you are nothing else but a sexual target and people coming to approach you all the time. What is worse is the fact that they never get the message that you are not interested, when you tell them to back off.Everytime I go there I always have bad experiences , not necessarily because of the place but the people that go there. Due to the fact all the guys that go there are so desperate and they only go there for one reason.

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