Badfish Bar

What is Badfish? It's one of the best bars in Beerlin.

Widely regarded as one of the best bars in the World, the guys from the Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog in downtown New York dropped in at Badfish last week.

As part of a European Tour with Jameson Irish Whiskey, some of Berlin’s finest Bar tenders were invited to Badfish where the owners of Dead Rabbit provided some insight into what it takes to come up with a concept and then execute it properly.

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  1. jack

    The Perfect Bar


    Whether you are with a group of friends looking for a fun one time night out or you\’re looking for a long term bar to call your home base, Badfish is the place. The cocktails are quality, the craft beers are plentiful, and the crowd is diverse (you can always find a friend at the bar– if no one else pans out, then the bartender will keep you company). Badfish is the kind of bar where you feel you\’re always taken care of, and the lasting memory is always a positive one. Especially if you\’re an English speaker, there\’s no better place to go. Cannot recommend this place enough!

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